Monday, October 6, 2014

Mosaic Parties

Scraptopia is adding Mosaics to our party choices!  Mosaics are fun and unique projects that you can take home the day of the party with a bag of grout,  or leave them for us to grout for you.   Mosaic is the process of applying pieces of glass (or other materials) to a surface.  We use tumbled glass for our children's projects, but care should always be used in handling glass.  Because of this, we are offering Mosaic parties for children ages 8+.  (If children younger than 8 will be in attendance, we can offer foam mosaics with a pattern for them to complete.)

How it works:

1.  Decide on a date and time.

2.  Decide on number of guests.

3.  Call with your Credit Card or come by Scraptopia to reserve the workroom for your party. $30 Room Fee for a 2 hour party.

4.  Choose your shape.  We have a large variety of surfaces on which to mosaic.  Projects start at $10/child. 

The fine print:
  • Room fee is non-refundable, but it may be used towards rescheduling a party in the event you need to cancel.
  • It is recommended that there be at least one adult helper per 5 children under 12. 
  • Grouting fee is $2.50/project if you would like to leave the projects for us to grout. 

Mosaic on the Crafter's Buffet

Our Crafter's Buffet consists of projects that you can come in the store and complete on your own with little or no instruction.  We are making Mosaic projects available for individuals (11 yrs+)  to complete with a short tutorial from our staff.  Drop by the store to see all the choices offered.

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